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Ingenico CounterTop Terminals 

Sleek all-in-one payment device features everything needed to process payments and is ready now for EMV, contactless, mobile wallets and POS marketing and loyalty programs.

Secure, Versatile, and Reliable 

  • Supports the latest EMV and PCI security standards
  • Easily passes from clerk to customer for secure card, PIN and data entry
  • Optional integrated contactless reader facilitates payments via a simple tap of a car, mobile phone or other device
  • Intuitive menu-driven display ensures simple navigation

Robust Payment Features 

  • Supports payment types including: credit, PIN debit, electronic gift card and electronic benefits transfer
  • Contactless capabilities provide customers a convenient way to pay with chip cards, key fobs or mobile wallets

Next-Generation Advanced Security 

  • Supports state-of-the art security for Pin-based transactions
  • Ready for the future of EMV chip card technology

Simple to Use & Flexible

  • Ergonomic “hand-over design allows for easy customer input
  • “Magic Box” cable management system prevents cable tangle and clutter
  • Automated download feature keeps your payment application up to date with the latest enhancements
  • Features IP connectivity for speedy transaction processing, with Dial as an alternative

Transactions Optimized with Verifone

We Only Use the Best


Unparalleled features and performance

  • Delivers speed reliability and ease of use with the powerful combination of the VX platform and the proven Verix system
  • Secures with future-proof technology including EMV, NFC enablement and PCi PTS 3 X certification
  • Optimizes usability with a compact ergonomic design featuring a full range of connectivity options and longer-life components
  • Provides maximum security and compliance with end-to-end encryption and VeriShield Total Protect
  • Internal PIN pad streamlines debit transactions


Small Design Big Performance

  • Delivers wireless connection through GPRS or WiFi/Bluetooth combo or 3G to meet any environment requirement
  • Empowers mobile payments with VeriFones NFC software technology enabling the full flexibility to manage multiple NFC mobile wallets, apps, and programs
  • Supports loyalty-building, profit-producing and value-added applications
  • Offers maximum security and compliance with end-to-end encryption and VeriShield Total Protect
  • Internal PIN pad streamlines debit transactions


Performance Driven, Powerfully Versatile

  • Simplified single-port connectivity offers USB signal and Ethernet connection options
  • Pair with any terminal for a complete, consumer-facing solution
  • Deliver targeted promotions and branding messages
  • Integrated EMV and NFC
  • VeriShield Total Protect end-to-end encryption


Card Readers for Mobile Swiped Transactions

 Process transactions on the go!



  • Apple 30-pin and Lightning connections
  • Open standards-based encryption
  • Immediate card data tokenization
  • MagnePrint card authentication
  • Bi-Directional read

BulleT Card Reader


  • Bluetooth connection
  • Compatible with Android devices
  • Battery charging via USB
  • Range of up to 30 feet (10 meters)
  • Bi-Directional read

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