Best Merchant Services

Best Merchant Services

There are so many different merchant services that have been created to make your business transaction processes run smoother, quicker, and more efficiently. Whether you are a non-profit, school, church organization or faith-based cause, there are so many ways that merchant services can help to take your cause to the next financial level. Here are some of the Best Merchant Services that are available for your use:


People are starting to carry cash less and less. Cards are just more convenient. And if you have a terminal that can accept a card, that makes your business more convenient, which inevitably drives more business. A terminal is what you need for debit card or credit card over the counter transactions. It is very important that you have at least one terminal for all of your in person transactions. Your customers will thank you for it. These small terminals are capable of big things. Here are a few great characteristics the best terminals that there are to offer amongst the best merchant services:

  • Reliable
    • These all-in-one payment devices are there for your customers to be able to have options. Able to accept many different payment types including credit, PIN debit, and electronic gift card, the customers’ options are endless.
  • Convenient
    • While some terminals add a small, yet helpful, level of convenience like being able to be easily passed from clerk to customer, others even go beyond that. Some of the more exquisite terminals have wireless options complete with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB Signal and Ethernet capabilities to make your transactions that much easier and customer interactions that much smoother. In addition, a few of the designs have the option of displaying promotions and branding messages for your business. How great is that?
  • Safe
    • Though each terminal has its own unique assets and attributes they are all the same in the top of the line security. Your customers’ can have peace knowing that their private and important information will be safe and secure when using any of these terminals for transactions.
  • Simple
    • With simplistic designs and menus, customers will have no problem using the device and will extremely grateful that it is there. Anyone can use it, and everyone will.

Cutting Edge Bank Services offers the best of the best EMV Complaint Countertop Terminals: the Ingenico iCT220, Ingenico iCT250, Ingenico Telium2 iCT250, Verifone VX520, Verifone VX680 & Verifone VX820.

Card Readers

The I-Dynamo and BulleT Card Reader are top of the line card readers that can be used for transactions that are on-the-go. Pull either of these little convenient babies out of your pocket and within seconds you are ready to make a transaction or receive a payment. While the iDynamo easily plugs into your Apple phone, the Android compatible BulleT Card Reader take convenience to a whole new level by being connected by Bluetooth and operates up to a range of 30 feet.

POS Systems

Best Merchant Services

A great Point of Sale System can be the difference between great customer service and mediocre customer service. When a POS system is EMV compliant and easily operate it allows your employees to focus on what is most important – the customers. Cutting Edge’s carries the POS systems that are the best in the business and stands firmly on the quality of service that they help to provide.

  • Easy Set Up- Not only are these systems easily set-up, but they are easy to learn and easy to understand. Once you give us a call, you will be ready to go in no time.
  • Real-Time Information- One of the best aspects of these POS systems is how much they contribute to efficiency with their Real-time information. Let’s face it, people are impatient and they have places to be and go. In the world of Non-Profit and Church Organizations, you want to do what you can to help people help you. Having a POS system with Real-time information adds to the convenience and quickness of the process, which encourages people to be more willing to contribute.
  • Revenue Data- instead of waiting for your accountant to run through the numbers, your POS system has your revenue data on hand for you to look through and sort through whenever you want. This allows for more time for data analysis forecasting future changes based on revenue trends.
  • Keep Track of Inventory and Sales - Inventory can be a hassle to manually keep track of…so don’t! Let the POS system take care of it as the POS systems monitor the inventory as it is flying off of your shelves. In addition to inventory and sales, these POS systems have the capability of tracking pay in/pay out, alerts for unusual sales, voids, price overrides, and different taxes assigned to different items. Think about all the extra time that you’ll have to focus on your customers instead of spending time trying to remember if a product was %50 or %60 off.
  • Market to Customers- As you probably know, marketing is important. Let us help with that too! These amazing POS systems are able to help market to your customers by sending automated “Welcome” and “Miss You” emails on the pre-designed template layout of your choice. You can also upload your logo or other company images with ease and keep track of your sales analytics.
  • Sell Anywhere- In today’s society, in-store and face-to-face interactions are becoming further and fewer in between. Being able to sell anywhere gives your business, non-profit, or church organization gives you an edge necessary in today’s world. Using an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch you will be able to accept cash, checks, and credit anywhere that you are. Think it might not be as easy as it seems? Well, it is. This feature even allows you to capture customer signatures, automatically print receipts, and change the tax rate based on your location.


  • CoreDonate
    • As a non-profit or church organization donations are a big part of what you do. CoreDonate is an amazing system that will help you to increase your 2015 donations by offering a simple online giving system that accepts both cash and non-cash donations. Be ready to receive at any time in any place with CoreDonate.

 What We Have To Offer You:

Security: Cutting Edge’s main priority is keeping your information and your business’ information safe and secure. All of our products and systems are EMV compliant and we worked hard to make sure that they are being held to the highest industry standards.

Forward-Thinking: We are doing our best to put our customers ahead of the game. Did you know that by October 2015 restaurants and other merchant types will be required to new Europay, Mastercard, and Visa standards? We are already on top of this, let us bring you to the top with us.

Experience: With 23 years of experience in the payment processing industry, we want nothing more than to share our wealth of knowledge with you. Our team has taken the time to grow within the industry and learn and transform as the industry continues to change at a quick pace. We do our best to keep the best merchant services and practices at the forefront of what we do and who we are.




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